When you subscribe to your insurance policy, you must declare the living area.

That is, to put it simply, the area mentioned in your lease (or on your papers when you purchase the property).

How to calculate the living area of your home?

👉 Measure the floor area of all your rooms without counting:

  • walls and partitions

  • surfaces under stairwells

  • the steps of your stairs

  • surfaces where the ceiling height is less than 1,80 m

  • non furnished attic

  • the basements

  • other outbuildings (garage, garden shelters...)

📌 Keep in mind that even if it is an estimate, the living area is a key information of your contract, so it has to be as exact as possible.

If you do your calculation precisely, you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

You can also call a specialist, but it is not mandatory.

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