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How to declare the right area for my habitation ?
How to declare the right area for my habitation ?
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When you subscribe your insurance contract, you must declare the living area of your home.

This surface is generally mentioned :

  • in your lease contract if you are a tenant,

  • in your deed of sale if you are an owner.

Beware, "generally" does not mean "systematically". It is possible that the surface noted in your lease (subject to the Boutin law, for example) does not fit completely with our definition.

❗ Keep in mind that the living area is one of the bases of your contract, it allows us to calculate the risk to be insured and the resulting insurance cost. It must therefore be as exact as possible.

To make your life easier, we explain below how to calculate it accurately.

How to calculate the living area of your home?

Measure the floor area of all your rooms without counting :

  • the surfaces where the height under ceiling is lower than 1,80 m;

  • the walls and partitions;

  • the sheaths;

  • surfaces under the stairwells;

  • the steps of your stairs;

  • door and window openings;

  • terraces, loggias and balconies;

  • basements and non-furnished attics;

  • outbuildings.

If, despite our explanations, you still have doubts, you can call on a specialist to help you. This is, of course, not mandatory. But as we have said, declaring the correct surface area is imperative to make a valid contract. That's why, in case of doubt, it is best to have your calculation validated.

❗ Be aware that if the surface area you declare is incorrect, your contract could be terminated and your compensation reduced in the event of a claim. We invite you to consult our article on false declarations to get more information on this matter.

☝️ Please note:

Your outbuildings are not to be taken into account in the living area of your home. However, it is imperative to declare them to us, with the exact surface area.

You can declare them when you subscribe, add them in your personal space anytime, or contact us on chat or at to get help.

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