If you refer a friend, you both get a small gift from Luko 🎉

🎁 What do you get ?

  • For French contracts : you and your referee both get 30€.

  • For Spanish contracts : you and your referee both get 15€.

  • For German contracts : you (the referrer) get 30€ and your referee gets 15€.

You can refer a friend for a contract in another country than yours. In that case, the reward depends on the country of your contract.

For instance : If you have a French contract and refer a friend for a Spanish contract

→ you will get 30€ and your referee will get 15€

🤔 How does it work :

  • For your referee, the amount will be offered in two parts : the amount of one month of insurance will be directly deducted from his subscription payment, and the rest of the reward will be credited to his Luko pool, and used on his next invoices.

    For example : If your referee subscribes an insurance contract for €12 per month:
    When he subscribes, he will pay €12 instead of €24 for the first two months of insurance, and what's left will be credited to his pool, and deduced from next payments.

  • For you, the referrer, the amount offered will be credited to your Luko pool and deducted from your next bills.

☝️ What are the limits for referring ?

You can refer up to 4 friends per year and contract.

If you exceed these limitations and a friend use your mail for referral, only he will get the reward.

Example :

If you have one contract for your main home and one for non-occupant owner -> you can refer up to 8 friends per year (4 thanks to your main home contract, 4 thanks to the non-occupant contract).

For now, our referral system does not apply if you have a contract for building, loan or NVEI.

🤗 Our little tips for sponsoring simply and safely

  • To sponsor, all you have to do is send your email address to your friend (the one registered on your Luko account). They will then be able to enter your email address as a promotional code when they subscribe.

  • Sponsoring is more fun between people who really know each other, don't you think ?
    If you publish your email address on the internet to get more referrals, we will have to invalidate it so that it can no longer be used as a promotional code. And then leaving your email address available on the net, it's not very safe for you ...

And to save months of insurance, you can also self-sponsor when you take out several contracts with Luko 👌

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email at hello@luko.eu or on our chat.

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