When you subscribe to a Luko contract, you pay the first two months of insurance.

Then, on the 8th of the second month of your contract, we will charge you for your third month of insurance, but only the remaining unpaid days.

The amount we charge will depend on the start date of your contract (also known as the effective date). You won’t have to pay a whole month !

An example to make that clearer:

  • You subscribe a contract that starts on September 4.

-> When you registered, you paid for the first 2 months of coverage, so from September 4 to November 4.

  • For November, there are still 26 days to pay (From the 4th to the 30th), that is what we take for the pro-rata calculation.

-> It will be charged on October 8th, because at Luko, you always pay one month in advance.

  • We therefore charge you on October 8 of the pro-rata of November: the amount needed to cover you from November 4 to November 30.

  • From November 8 , you will be charged a "regular" monthly payment, for the whole month of December.

👉 And after that, it keeps going with your normal monthly payment, each 8th of the month for the next month of insurance.

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