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How does monthly payment work at Luko?
How does monthly payment work at Luko?
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If you chose to pay your insurance monthly, you will be charged on the 8th of each month, for your cover of the following month.

So, on January 8th, you are charged for your February coverage, from 01/02 to 28/02.

You are charged either:

  • on your credit card

  • on your account, via SEPA direct debit

It depends on which payment method you chose.

You can add a new payment method at any time from your personal space, or the Luko app.

Pro rata :

On the 8th of the second month of your coverage, we will charge you for your third month of insurance, but you won't pay an entire month.

The amount we charge you will depend on the start date of your contract.

Let's take an example :

  • Your contract starts on September 4.

  • When you subscribed it, you paid for the first 2 months of coverage. This payment therefore covers you from September 4 to November 4.

  • Thus, for November, there are 25 days left to pay : from the 5th to 30th.

👉 As we charge cover one month in advance, you will pay on October 8th for the remaining days of November. It will not be a full monthly payment, but just the pro rata from November 5th to 30th.

And from November, the normal cycle of bills takes place: on November 8th you will pay a full monthly bill for the whole month of December, on December 8th for the month of January, and so on.

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